Monday, 24 November 2008


So Mr M & I spoke with Charlie on his return from school today, to try to figure out what the hell Cruella is up to. He could offer the following:-

  • Cruella crossed my signature out of the school/home log as the section clearly states 'Signature of Parent/Carer' and in her opinion I am neither. Charlie said that she had told him it would be ok for Mr M to sign, but under no circumstance should I sign. I should feedback any in put I have had to Mr M and he is to sign the log. Like that is going to happen. Whoops! After completing his Algebra homework tonight I signed his log in two places just to F*ck her off!! Numbers have no meaning to her unless they have £ signs in front of them so there is no fear she will be helping with maths!
  • The boots were returned because I had bought them and she didn't need me to buy her children stuff. Hmm, I can pay her £37,000 debts, I can fund her £400 monthly Child maintenence, I can pay her car loan, I can buy the boys Christmas presents when she is too tight to, I can buy back Mr M's possessions that she has sold - but I can't buy Charlie some football boots?

Anyone else thinking that this piece of work is feeling threatened and trying to gain the control of the responsibility she has actively avoided for the last 8 years?

Business as usual then!


Just Me :) said...

HA! great! Our Cruella is the same way. I've decided she has no qualms about trying to gouge us for every penny of child support she can weasel because she is the one that gets to spend the money on the kids. It makes her look good to spend our money. And you bet your cookies that after I got a "mom says only parent's are suppose to go to school conferences" speech from Nemo I have since busted my bum to make sure I go to EVERY school function :)

Crys said...

Since we're not married yet I wasn't sure if I ought to be signing homework stuff ... then after about a month and our parent teacher conferences I decided, shoot I live here and care for them and help them with their homework I can sign the damn slip of paper saying he read too! Keep signing! That's what my two cents. :)

Blueydmuse said...

Yup, she's feeling threatened by you and trying to establish that she does things for the kids that you've been doing. She's apparently too stupid to realize that it's going to take years of her doing things to even match what you've done in years past.

Mimi said...

Let me tell you!!!! I am right there with you. I am so sick and tired of all the crap!!!! I hope it gets better for you hon!


Mrs M said...

Thanks Ladies, It's nice to know I'm not out of my mind!

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