Saturday, 22 November 2008

Mother letter.

Oh my lord, I have just read this and have goosebumps.

The guy (I want one of those) who has started this project, on Blogher, has to be the most romantic and insightful men I have ever stumbled across. He is taking the effort to put together such an amazing gift for his wife and wants mothers of every kind to write their letters, so he can present them as words of encouragement to his wife - man I could cry, he is too thoughtful.

I honestly think this could be huge and I'm sure if a good publisher gets a whif they will snap up the idea in a shot.
OK, off to write my letter.

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Mother Letter said...

Thanks for the post. I love it and I love your ideas on the site. I'll file those away while I try to figure out how to present the project.

I look foward to the submission and please feel free to take your time in formulating it. I love the thought people are putting into this and am humbled by the response.

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