Friday, 21 November 2008

I can't give it away!

When I was pregnant with Lola we were so lucky to have kind friends who gave us lots and lots of baby stuff. I don't see the point in spending £££'s when I'd been given perfectly good stuff for free.

In the same spirit I have passed many items onto friends and they too have been grateful. Now that Dora has passed the 'baby' stage I have lots more stuff washed and packed up - many items are still in the original box:-
  • Mama's and Papa's car seat - cost £150 and used for 4 months
  • Bumbo seat - boxed as new
  • Steam sterilizer - Boxed as new
  • Annabel Karmel weaning kit - blended, ramekins, measuring spoons, pots all boxed as new
  • NUK bottles and teats - unopened
  • 2 hanging rails full of baby clothes - washed and like new

I know several young girls who are pregnant with girls and I have offered all of the above items and so much more - for free. Given the current financial climate, and I know that these girls are low earners, I'd have thought they would have snapped my hands off......... not a chance!! Neither of them want to have second hand stuff for their babies and would rather spend money they don't have to buy new!

You just can't help some people, I know it's nice to have new but in today's climate I'd be grabbing anything that was offered to me!


Crys said...

Geez!!! I would have snapped at that stuff if I were having a baby. I just got three bags full of clothes for the boys from my cousin. I think that's really nice of you to pass things along. I've always thought that it was better to help out others instead of hold on to something that you really don't need.

Mrs M said...

Me too. I'm not too proud to look a gift horse in the mouth! One really nice young girl at the nursery i use had lots of my youngests' first baby things and all muy maternity clothes. She was so grateful and said that not having to pay for those things allowed her to buy the pram and cot she really wanted.

dearjenn said...

I call it "share-wear" and if you think you are too good for it then you don't deserve it anyway. Put it on Ebay and let someone have a crack at buying it for a great price- no doubt they would appreciate it more!

Mrs M said...

You know Jenn, I might just do that! I've always been one to give rather than to sell, but like you say if I start it a 1p then they could grab a real bargain!

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