Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Laugh - my sides are splitting!

My eldest step son has just been signed on with the local football team - We are so proud given the fact that he's not that great a player and we constantly have to explain the off side rule to him.... I digress.....
He has football kit for school (which he uses on Wednesdays) and he has been using these boots and shin pads for his training sessions (Saturdays). When he arrives at ours - either Saturday lunch or Sunday evening - his kit bag always stinks, and I mean really stinks! His boots and pads are always soaking wet and placed back into his muddy boot bag along with the rest of his kit (ok, you get the smell?).
So this weekend I took him to buy new boots, socks, shin pads and boot bag. with the idea being that he uses one set for Wednesdays and one set for Saturdays - each can be washed properly and have time to dry out before being placed in the bag. I know it seems extravagant but when Cruella is leaving wet boots in a bag from Wednesday to Saturday........ then expects him to wear them (still wet) on Saturdays I draw the line.

So the long and short of it is he has two sets and there is no excuse for either set to stink. I explained this to him, telling him it's his responsibility to clean his kit and put them in the airing cupboard to dry. He took it all in and with such seriousness he asked:
'Should I tell mum not to spray them with febreeze now?'

It tuns out that she doesn't actually 'wash' anything. She knocks the mud off then drowns everything in febreeze.
I'm still laughing just thinking about her lazy fat arse!!


Minnie said...

Holy Crap!
That's hysterical.
And freaking disgusting.
And not surprising.

The things we bite out tounges about.

Blueydmuse said...

Hi, just found your blog through Minnie and have been enjoying reading. We have a Cruella too, this is so like her... ugh!

Mrs M said...

Hello Blueydmuse - Thanks for reading.

Who's reading?