Monday, 24 November 2008


Did I tell you how much I hate Cruella? No, but I bet you had an inkling!

So Charlie and Woody arrived yesterday (whilst I was at work) and on my return this morning I was greeted with a pile of their stuff that needed sorting. Within said pile was the brand new boot bag, football boots, shin pads and socks I bought for Charlie last week- refresh yourself with this. So as they had left for school before I got home I have no idea what they are doing here - believe me when I say that I fear the worst in all situations relating to Cruella. I will update you all later!

Also within the pile of stuff was Charlie's school/home log. As it tends to be me that does his homework with him - lets face it complex fractions are beyond Cruella - I always sign his log on a Wednesday morning and date it. Can you believe that the F***ing Bitch has crossed my name out on every page and signed her own chicken scrawl - WTF?? I am so freaking angry right now, that if I had one ounce less of self control I would drive over and whoop her fat arse!

So your guess is as good as mine, what on earth is she playing at? One thing is for sure, I'm playing the long game and will continue to sign his log every week no matter what she does. I figure she is only making herself look stupid and putting Charlie in a potentially awkward position - what's he supposed to say when his tutor asks what it's all about? "Sorry Miss, it's just my Mum being a complete and utter T*at?
So if she wants a reaction she's not going to get one , I wouldn't give her the satisfaction.


Blueydmuse said...

Oh my. I can imagine your fury when you saw that; if my stepkids' mother did that I would be itching to deck her.

Mrs M said...

Self Control - I chant it like a mantra. I'm sure I could take her though ;)

Just Me :) said...

HA!!! I completely's the stinking little things that start to be the most irritation. I'll give Nemo a nice hair cut and the next week he'll come back bald as a skin head...or i'll send a new pair of shoes over (during a moment of poor judgment) and they'll come back with paint all over them. And i so dont' even want to hurt cruella...i want her to through the first punch...heck i'll even give her two...then i'll laugh all the way to the police office to file charges! lol. Please just prove my point for me you crazy lady.

Mimi said...

You and I girl, let's whoop some arse!!!! I am sooooo ready for it!!! BRING IT ON CRUELLA AND DRAGON LADY!!!!!!!


Crys said...

I'll continue with Mrs M here ...

"Self Control" *break in* "I will not stoop to her level" *break out*

I think the blood in my veins started to boil for you. But yes! Not giving her the reaction she's so obviously trying to get is the way to go. Maybe she'll get bored at this attempt and give you some peace for a week (or is even a week asking too much?)

Mrs M said...

If I were to break Cruella in two she would have 'Twisted' written through her - just like Blackpool rock! The woman will never change, until she wants something then she's sickly sweet.
Just Me; I'd love her to loose it with me & like you I would take it on the chin & report her for assault, but unfortunately like all bullies, she never would!

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