Saturday, 15 November 2008

CT Scan

It could only happen to me!

Yesterday I spent the day divided between A&E and the observation ward at the County Hospital. Lola headbutted me (accidentally) and I ended up in such a state!
With a very sore ( broken) nose, vomiting and a headache to rival all headaches, my husband decided I needed medical attention. After 3 hours in A&E the consultant decided that I needed close observations and a CT scan - WTF??

Thankfully after an injection (in my jacksie!) I stopped vomiting and the pain killers kicked in, I started to feel somewhere near ok. The CT scan showed that I do in fact have a brain and thankfully it looks normal - looks can be deceptive though!!!!

My mum, the Star, came into her own again yesterday. She collected the girls and has kept them at her house all yesterday, last night, all today and tonight - just to allow me to rest - God I have been blessed with the best mum ever!

Me - apart from nursing a headache and a bruised nose - I'm a okay!!

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dearjenn said...

Hey that's kind of scary- but glad you are ok and that your mom is nearby to help with the girls!

Rest while you can (and a little for me too!).

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