Monday, 10 November 2008

Way back when.......part 7

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So my heart ruled my head and Mr M moved back into our home the very next day. Cruella was not a happy bunny and moved heaven and earth to make life difficult for us. I had explicit cards mailed to me, vile text messages and letters that would have made the most liberal of people blush. However, Cruella is terrible at spelling and made the same mistakes on all of the 'annonymous' mail. She also made the same mistakes on the written demands for more money she sent us - Doh!!

The financial demands continued to the point where enough was enough and we reduced these to half of what Mr M was earning, however greed took over (can you see the pattern?) and our offer was not enough. She filed a claim with CSA and they awarded her Zilch, nothing, absolutely F*ck all!!

So finances sorted (we still provided everything the Charlie and Woody needed, just not with Cruella scraping off her share) we got on with our lives and the next few years were great.

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dearjenn said...

Now that is JUSTICE. Glad to hear she got nothing. Karma.

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