Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Out Laws

Did I ever tell you about my mother & father in law?
To cut a (very) long story short lets just say they are two of the most selfish and self centred individuals that I know. They have seen my children twice in the last 14 months, despite both being retired an living about 10 minutes away. They wont come and visit unless I cook for them and wait on them hand and foot (With 4 children I now flatly refuse - not that they offer to come much) They have seen Dora twice since she was born and she is now 14months old.
They wouldn't come and visit last Christmas - the only time we have never drove to them as we didn't have a car big enough to carry all six of us after I swerved to miss a pigeon and damaged our people carrier on Christmas eve- whoops - the excuse being they didn't want to leave their house on Christmas day. Oh, so it ok for us to drag the kids away from their toys then to visit you?

They will not help out with babysitting at all - the one and only time we asked they agreed on the basis that I paid them the same £43 daily rate I pay for nursery - WTF?
So, they have earned the title of the outlaws, as they too rob you blind!!


Minnie said...

That's brutal.

Mrs M said...

Me or the Outlaws??

Who's reading?