Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Mum - you are a star!

So as bad as the Outlaws are, my Mum is a star!

Growing up I didn't have much time for her, or a civil word to say to her - sorry mum. During my first marriage I didn't think she was good enough and found fault in everything she did - yet when it all came crashing down who do you think picked up the pieces and put me back together?
I can honestly she she is the best mum ever (despite pretending to have stopped smoking and sneaking the odd one here & there.... yes we know and pretend we don't so that you don't go back to smoking 20+ per day!)
She is always there for us, thinks nothing of driving the 1 hour to us just to make me a cup of tea and do my ironing (yes, she really does!).
When I had the Lola and Dora she would make the journey 3-4 times every week to do the washing & ironing and make dinner for us.
When I was unwell over the summer she would take the girls to let me rest up, she would go to appointments with me and she would look after all 6 of us for days on end when I couldn't get out of bed.
She will have the girls over night just to give us a night off and allow us a good nights sleep (yeh, right !!)
She will come over and take Charlie and Woody to school when I have to be at work early - an hour journey each way - with the girls - twice a day isn't much fun, but she never complains.
She has agreed to have the girls for the whole week so that my husband & I can go on holiday together for a week.
I know I probably sound really selfish and seem like I expect so much from her. But honestly, I don't know what I would do without her. If I'm half as good a mum as she is, I will be very proud.


Minnie said...

What a fitting tribute to her.

You're very lucky to have her. My Mom does the same for my little brother and if she were closer (not 1700 miles) she'd do the same for me.

Mimi said...

Aren't mothers just so wonderful, I spent some time with mine last night and I was thinking the same thing. Your mum sounds fantastic!!! Oh and just to let you know, I have a little something for you on my blog titled I got an _______!!! You deserve it!!!


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