Monday, 10 November 2008

Impulsive, who me?

Today I booked a holiday. No thought - I just booked it!
On 2nd May 2009, Mr M and I will fly out to a small Greek Island for a week of R&R - no kids!!! My mum has agreed (good job as I'd already booked it - whoops!) to have Lola & Dora and Cruella will have to make arrangements for the Charlie and Woody, she dashes off here, there and everywhere so it makes a change for it to be us.
I'm so excited already. Wonder what Mr M's reaction will be when I tell him?

The kids won't miss out, we're taking them to France and EuroDisney in August 09.


dearjenn said...

Oh my gosh. It sounds fabulous! I'm so envious of the culture that is located within close proximity to you. You are going to Greece? Your children are going to France?

We are lucky to take our children to the lake or the mountains, let alone somewhere as exciting as France!

Have a fantastic time on your holiday- and maybe you will bring home a little souvenir if you can convince your husband for number five?

Mrs M said...

I think I'd b soon divorced if I came home expecting number 5!! We are so fortunate, it's only a 4 hour flight to Greece and a 1 hour ferry crossing to France - I guess it could take you that long to travel between states?

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